Friday, 9 December 2011

~Our Love~

Hey wassup guys.!!
Today I don't know what happens to me,,
I feels a power of love,,
Hmm well,,
I swear that I never love someone like this before,,
Its a something different about this feelings,,
I hope you feels it too although you heart hard like a rock,,
Haha kidding,,
Although this picture bad like a trash but its have a deep meanings,,
Yeah now no one who can replace your place in my heart,,
You only,,just you that I love in,,
When the times come that i have to leave this world,,
I hope our relationship will never dies,,
I just want you to know,,
Everything single things happens between us,,
I'm still love you dear,,
Ilysm Syifa <3


  1. WOW??
    what can I say.. CONGRATS..?
    igtkan anti couple.. but its look like u ar falling in love..? hrm..

  2. bkn anti couple juz get broken..


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